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What I got for Christmas 2018

It’s Christmas day, and in our family, by about 12 we are done celebrating Christmas. The night before we celebrate with about 50 of my family members. Then in the morning we open presents and have breakfast. After that, we…


10 items to add a little holiday to your everyday look

Some people go way over the top when dressing up for the holidays and this can scare others off, for fear of looking too ostentatious. Dressing up and adding a little bit of celebration to simple outfits makes it more fun.…


Hot Chocolate

Now that the snow is falling down and your body is chilled it’s time to make Hot Chocolate!  I have drunken a LOT of Hot Cholate over the years and I have found my favorite recipes. The most important part…


10 Activities to do over the holidays

The winter holidays are one of my favorite times of the year. While the holidays are filled with fun and joy, they can also be stressful for some people. I know in my family it is amazing that we all…


Winter Hat’s

The winter collections this season are filled with lots of fun colors. While lots of vibrancy has entered the fashion world the basics are still seen just as frequently. Here are some of my favorite hats for this year. To shop…


Winter Coat’s

Winter is upon us and while unfortunately, I won’t be traveling to the snow this year, I am sure a lot of you will or already live in the snow. Even though it’s not freezing out its still very cold…


Rainbow Project (Yellow)

This weekend I brought my boyfriend to a hockey game in LA. Before for lunch, we went to Hotel Figuroa. It was the cutest hotel I have ever been to. If you’re in LA and have the time definitely stop…


Rainbow Project (Orange)

My first orange photos were taken at a local coffee shop. The French press is one of the few “hipster” coffee shops in my town. The coffee and pastries are really good but also on the pricier side. Orange Sweater While…


The Rainbow Project (Red)

I have started a new project called the rainbow project. Read more to find out about it and travel to my Instagram to see it in live action.


A Holiday Wish List

Before I start, I want to say that I know that the holidays are not about gifts. They are about spending time with your family. This is a wish list for you to get ideas of what to give your…


Holiday dress

The Holiday season is coming! Well, actually it’s here. I’m so excited for Christmas break. Over Christmas break, my family always goes and visits my grandma in Huston. We have a tradition that I always look forward to; going to the ballet!…

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