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Yellow Flower Fields

Spring is upon us! That means that all of the flowers are starting to bloom, and I could not be more excited. Where I live, the only flowers that bloom are yellow mustard flowers. Yellow is not exactly my jam…


Spring Dress In The Cold

  Now that it is spring I have started to collect floral dress. Floar dresses are my go to outfit, along with that my closet is overflowing with them. I have found a few I love so far but it…


Baby’s Breath + Inspiration

If you ask any blogger, or someone who is creating content, they will all admit that a good portion of their job includes looking for inspiration. Finding new inspiration is by far one of my favorite parts of this hobby.…


What To Wear For A Cold Spring Break

This spring break I am going to Ohio to visit my cousins, and then to Chicago. That means I am going to be freezing to the bone. My wardrobe is made up of nothing to keep me warm in the…


Coachella Guide

I am not going to Coachella this year, nor do I think I will ever actually go. Although I’m not going I do have a lot of friends/peers who are going and have approached my about what to wear. This…


Yellow Sweater

This sweater rocked the fashion world a few years ago. It was seen everywhere, on every Instagram page and most of the blogs. I love this sweater because of the summerish vide it gives off, while still being a sweater making…


Denim on Denim

Sorry for being MIA the past few weeks. I switched my classes at school and have been trying to figure everything out. I have also been spending a lot of my time studying for the SAT. I am going to…


The Planner You Need

I am a neat freak, or so I like to think. Finding a planner is kind of like finding the perfect shoe at Nordstroms rack. I found this planner on instagram from my favorite Instagrammer, (Jaci Marie) It is defiantly…


A Pink Beach

After Christmas all I look forward to are the warm summer days where I can go to the beach, lay out in the sun, put on a bathing suit and tan. Usually during the end of winter in Santa Barbara…


A Pink Winter

I recently shared a look for staying warm in the winter which implemented blue into it. I now have an outfit that incorporates pink in a way to keep warm. I first saw this pinkish red jacket on the Free People app…


The Most Perfect Winter Dress

If you have been reading my blogs you know I have been dying, DYING, for this dress. My grandma gave it to me the day before Christmas to wear at the ballet. I love the layers of fringe and the…

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