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Staw Hats

I have been dreaming about getting a straw hat since the day after Christmas when I started wishing it was summer. The brand Lackofcolor has some of the most gorgeous hats I have seen, but they are more expensive than…


New York School Trip: Pack With Me

Hi guys! I know it has been a hot minute, but I am back! I was super busy with school, per usual, but now it is basically summer so I have lots of time to spend working on my blog.…


Tulips + White Overalls

Honestly, I hate when Labor Day hits “and you’re not allowed to wear white.” I don’t love black, and black and white are really the only good neutrals that for SURE go with everything. Now that its summer, and its…


Sunflowers + White Goddess Dresses

This is by far one of my favorite photo shoots.  It is newly spring and in the past few years I have found that my favorite time of any year is when the weather changes. I like it because I…


Purple Spring Jumpsuit

For the last few seasons, while shopping at Urban Outfitters I have not experienced much success. Honestly, I have not experienced any at all. This purple gingham jumpsuit is actually the first piece I have purchased from Urban since last…


Chicago: The Windy City

This spring break I traveld to Chicago with my family. While there, we ate a lot of yummy food and saw some amazing architecture. I compiled my favorite things we did.  In case you travel there, this can give you…


Yellow Flower Fields

Spring is upon us! That means that all of the flowers are starting to bloom, and I could not be more excited. Where I live, the only flowers that bloom are yellow mustard flowers. Yellow is not exactly my jam…


Spring Dress In The Cold

  Now that it is spring I have started to collect floral dress. Floar dresses are my go to outfit, along with that my closet is overflowing with them. I have found a few I love so far but it…


Baby’s Breath + Inspiration

If you ask any blogger, or someone who is creating content, they will all admit that a good portion of their job includes looking for inspiration. Finding new inspiration is by far one of my favorite parts of this hobby.…


What To Wear For A Cold Spring Break

This spring break I am going to Ohio to visit my cousins, and then to Chicago. That means I am going to be freezing to the bone. My wardrobe is made up of nothing to keep me warm in the…


Coachella Guide

I am not going to Coachella this year, nor do I think I will ever actually go. Although I’m not going I do have a lot of friends/peers who are going and have approached my about what to wear. This…

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