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2020 Graduation: Outfit

For graduation, you are supposed to wear a plain white dress. Since I did not have real graduation I picked out a dress that is a little more fun. This dress is currently on sale and from Reformation one of…


2020 Graduate!

I am officially no longer a high school student. I have finished government-mandated education. WOOP HOOPPP! I feel like I should have achieved more by this time in my life. Like I should have written a novel or something. I…


Tie Dye Sweatshirt: Quarantine 11

Hey, Hey, Hey! There is a lot going on in the country right now, but I want my page to be a place of happiness. I know that having a platform means speaking up about what is going on, but…


Best Podcasts: Quarantine 10

While running (a blog on my journey to trying to run more is linked on the word “running”), I have loved up podcasts. Here are a few of my current favorites and what they talk about. College Gals Now I…


Healthy Fudge: Quarantine 9

Cane sugar is not good for you. We all know it, and yet we are all addicts to the sugar cravings. I am not saying I don’t eat sugar, but I did make some bomb (that means good) fudge that…


Corsage DIY: Quarantine 8 (at home prom)

I put on an at-home prom for myself since mine was canceled due to COVID. I love corsage; I also order mine from our local florist. I usually pick the flowers and bring the floristry ribbon to match my dress.…


At Home Prom: Quarantine 7

I did not have a prom because of COVID. A lack of Prom is not causing for lack of celebration. I threw my own! I have a full youtube video on my channel that shows everything I did. Here is…


Banana Bread: Quarantine 6

We have all been baking up a storm during this quarantine. I want to claim the name of “Quarantine Baking Queen,” and honestly, I think I deserve it. Our house has been filled with goodies all month. Some I have…


Picnic Date: Quarantine 5

I have been having a lot of picnics lately. In my defense, it is an excellent cheap date, that also includes social distancing. For Cameron’s birthday, I gifted him 18 date cards. We are supposed to do two of the…


Bleach Dye: Quarantine 4

This trend has been everywhere. I mean everywhere, especially during the quarantine. All the Tik Tok girls are rocking it, and all the YouTubers are doing videos. The best part about this activity is it gave me a 75$ jacket…


Figuroa Mountain Day Trip

I have been dreaming of going to Figuroa Mountain for years. It is known for its super blooms. To my grave disappointment, this year was not a super bloom, but there were still a few Lupine bushes. We went on…

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