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The Planner You Need

I am a neat freak, or so I like to think. Finding a planner is kind of like finding the perfect shoe at Nordstroms rack. I found this planner on instagram from my favorite Instagrammer, (Jaci Marie) It is defiantly…


A Pink Beach

After Christmas all I look forward to are the warm summer days where I can go to the beach, lay out in the sun, put on a bathing suit and tan. Usually during the end of winter in Santa Barbara…


A Pink Winter

I recently shared a look for staying warm in the winter which implemented blue into it. I now have an outfit that incorporates pink in a way to keep warm. I first saw this pinkish red jacket on the Free People app…


The Most Perfect Winter Dress

If you have been reading my blogs you know I have been dying, DYING, for this dress. My grandma gave it to me the day before Christmas to wear at the ballet. I love the layers of fringe and the…


A Lazy Day

Lazy days at home with no priorities can be the best. Who doesn’t love sitting on the couch all day and binge watching a whole season of Friends (my current binge)? OMG, what a dream. I got a puppy last Saturday…


Winter in Blue

The time after Christmas when its still cold out but not yet spring is always a shlumpy time. There is no month that goes slower than January and there is also no month I have a harder time dressing for.…


How to Sustain a New Year’s Resolution

We are now four days into the New Year. This is when the people who aren’t going to fulfill their new resolutions start to fall off the wagon. But no need to fear, here I have tips for you to stay…


Daily Look, January 2

A warm winter look.


My New Year’s Resolutions

With the new year is supposed to come new opportunities and a chance to have a fresh start. It is also a time when people all over the world set new goals or resolutions they want to uphold that year. I have…


What I got for Christmas 2018

It’s Christmas day, and in our family, by about 12 we are done celebrating Christmas. The night before we celebrate with about 50 of my family members. Then in the morning we open presents and have breakfast. After that, we…


10 items to add a little holiday to your everyday look

Some people go way over the top when dressing up for the holidays and this can scare others off, for fear of looking too ostentatious. Dressing up and adding a little bit of celebration to simple outfits makes it more fun.…

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