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In the last week, my old toothbrush needed to be switched out. While getting a new toothbrush, I decided to try out a bamboo brush. Bamboo brushes are a more eco-friendly option. To put it merely, standard toothbrushes are all…


Summer Jumpsuit

Floral and peaches, nothing better for a girl. If you read my latest blog post, you know peaches have become part of my everyday eating. My boyfriends family have the most amazing garden, it is filled with yummy veggies and…


Peaches and Cream

With Summer comes peach season! A new favorite meal of mine is Peaches and Cream. I have been eating it at least once a day. (not an exaggeration!) There are a few ways to make peaches and cream, I am…


A Sushi Date: With the Outfit To Match!

Last week I went on a sushi date, with my friend Antonia. It made it in my weekly vlog. The video is up on Youtube at Carmen Tillie. We picked up the sushi and ate it at the beach. While…


Sustainable Swim: Faithful The Brand

I am trying to be more mindful of what I purchase and from where I purchase it. I am going to show different sustainable brands, and highlight some of there products. Today is all about Faithful The Brand Swim line.…


Bass Lake: Fishing Outfit

This past weekend my family and I traveled to Bass Lake for the weekend. bass lake is right outside of Yosemite, about a 15-minute drive from Oakhurst. Even though we go to Yosemite every year, this was our first time…


2020 Graduation: Outfit

For graduation, you are supposed to wear a plain white dress. Since I did not have real graduation I picked out a dress that is a little more fun. This dress is currently on sale and from Reformation one of…


2020 Graduate!

I am officially no longer a high school student. I have finished government-mandated education. WOOP HOOPPP! I feel like I should have achieved more by this time in my life. Like I should have written a novel or something. I…


Tie Dye Sweatshirt: Quarantine 11

Hey, Hey, Hey! There is a lot going on in the country right now, but I want my page to be a place of happiness. I know that having a platform means speaking up about what is going on, but…


Best Podcasts: Quarantine 10

While running (a blog on my journey to trying to run more is linked on the word “running”), I have loved up podcasts. Here are a few of my current favorites and what they talk about. College Gals Now I…


Healthy Fudge: Quarantine 9

Cane sugar is not good for you. We all know it, and yet we are all addicts to the sugar cravings. I am not saying I don’t eat sugar, but I did make some bomb (that means good) fudge that…

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