Aritza Sunday Best!

I have never purchased from Aritza before. They sponsor a lot of influences, and they appeared on my feed in a sponsored ad. The clothing items, the influencers wore from Aritza were stunning, so I checked them out.

When I first find a new clothing brand, the first thing I do is find their sustainability statement. If a brand truly has valid sustainability innovative it will be easy to find their information.

Aritzas website has what they are doing for the planet laid out. I am currently very uninformed within the eco production realm. With that said, here are the key points that stuck out most to me on the Aritzas site.

Packing: There packaging is 100% recyclable, if you order e-commerce the packaging has zero plastic. Their packaging is made from 75% recycled materials.

Arctic Shipping Pledged: A pledged to not send ships near the Arctic, to try and conserve the natural ecosystems struggling from warming temperatures. Due to the melting Arctic new shipping routes have opened up. Many of these have not been touched by Human Resources, they have full ecosystems that could be destroyed by human interaction. Read more about the Arctic Shipping Pledge here.

Materials: Aritzia set a goal by the end of 2020 to use 50% more sustainable cotton. An example of sustainable cotton is organic cotton (already used in most of their denim.) Organic cotton uses no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. For their polyester and nylon, they use recycled polyester made from plastic water bottles and recycled nylon made from fishnets. These were both certified, you can read the certification here.

Transparent: My favorite thing about Aritzia was how easy it was for me to find all this information. I got everything you read above directly off their website. I did not have to email anyone or look for more than 30 seconds for what I wanted to now.

The Sunday Dress I purchased and photographed below is made from Viscros. Aritzia commits to sources all it is wood-based fabric from sustainable sources.

This is a 18th century French textile, print it gives me major Emma movie vibes. 


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