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Let’s talk about activewear, something that we are ALL living in. My favorite athletic wear brand is Lulu Lemone, but they are not the most eco-conscious. I have done some research and here is the best eco-friendly athletic wear.

I love dresses, I LIVE in dresses (you should be able to tell this from my blog post, and them all being dresses Hahahaha) When I found this athletic dress, I had to have it. It took me over a year to buy this dress. I thought I would not wear it. Now that I have bought the Outdoors athletic wear dress, I’m obsessed. I can never go back to shorts….. This dress is great for workouts, especially hikes (AKA MY HIKING DRESS.) Here you can find out all about the Outdoor Voices sustainability initiative.

Outdoor voices also have lots of colorful leggings and bars, they give me more of a NIKE vibe. There patters and colors are more vibrant and fun.

The girlfriend collective is another activewear brand. They are leading the movement toward sustainable clothing productions. Their clothes are made from both recycled polyester and recycled post-consumer bottles. Here you can find there “about me” they have a lot more useful information.

I hate to put Patagonia in here because they are so well known! From the beginning in 1973 when they were founded, they have had an intuitive to put the earth first. Most recently they have created a new line, Patagonia worn, as well as sell items made from old Patagonia clothes.

I have ordered items from all of these brands, and they’re packing is 100% waste-free!


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