Summer Jumpsuit

Floral and peaches, nothing better for a girl. If you read my latest blog post, you know peaches have become part of my everyday eating. My boyfriends family have the most amazing garden, it is filled with yummy veggies and lavish fruit trees!

I am shopping more mindfully and from brands that are trying to make a difference with the way they make their garments, as well as there message. We are in a transitional time, I do not think being a sustainable brand means the brand is perfect. I believe it means they are trying there best, and have a vision for the future in which they are helping the earth instead of hurting it.

Faithful The Brand’s message is to create an ethical brand at its core. They create all there garments in Bail, and claim to have a relationship with all there workers. You can check out their “about us” for more information. They do not have as much information as I would like, but with the said, having a message that is based on being ethical is a step in the right direction. Getting brands to open up more about what fabrics they use and how they make them, can be done by us. Message companies that you want to know more about, even if they don’t respond knowing that this is information their costumer wants to know will teach the brand to provide it.

I do not yet know a lot about what textiles have effects on the earth, and how to know what fabrics are good or what makes a fabric good. I am trying to learn more about this, and once I am educated I will share my thoughts.

Here are some jumpsuits made by sustainable brands, as well as the one I am wearing. Yes they are all pink.



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