Bass Lake: Fishing Outfit

This past weekend my family and I traveled to Bass Lake for the weekend. bass lake is right outside of Yosemite, about a 15-minute drive from Oakhurst. Even though we go to Yosemite every year, this was our first time at Bass Lake.

We rented an Airbnb, it was amazing and pretty cheap. My family rented a boat for two of the days to try out wakeboarding (we were all very bad.) I also went fishing with Cameron. We did not get any bites on the line, but I DID get a bit. I am covered with bug bites right now. Usually, they never eat me, but this trip I got attacked.

I already posted these pictures on Instagram, but this is the outfit I wore fishing. I thought it was cute, but Cameron said it is “not very practical.” Honestly, who cares, its cute!

A youtube video on our trip will be up in the next two weeks, so be on the lookout for that. My youtube is Carmen Tillie.

I bought this shirt form the children’s section at Old Navy, then cut it to make it a crop shirt.

Long White Overalls

These are the white overalls I am wearing here, I love them. White is kinda risky for overalls though because they do get dirty fast. Read More

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Short White Overalls

I also have these, they do run small so size up. These are a lot better for summertime because they are shorts. Read More

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Embroider Yellow Shirt

They do not sell the yellow tank top I am wearing anymore, but this shirt is also very cute and would go well with white overalls. Read More

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Yellow Tank Top

I do not have this one, but it is sorta similar. Read More

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Straw Hat

This is not that hate I am wearing, but I would recommend getting a hat with a little more sun coverage. Read More

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Staw Hat

They no longer sell that hat I am wearing, but this is a similar one. Read More

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