Best Podcasts: Quarantine 10

While running (a blog on my journey to trying to run more is linked on the word “running”), I have loved up podcasts. Here are a few of my current favorites and what they talk about.
College Gals
Now I had to put this one first because it is my podcast! It is available on Apple Podcast or Spotify. My co-host Lindsay and I talk all about college. We are both entering freshmen. We interview current college students on our podcast and are going to talk about our experience in the future. We also talk a lot about ourselves and life in general.
What We Said
This is the podcast that got me hooked into the podcasting world. Two best friends Chesley and Jaci, have created an hour-long show that comes out once a week. While listening to this podcast, I find myself laughing out loud. I NEVER miss a week and especially love their story episodes.
Gals On The Go
This is another light beat podcast like What We Said, I do not listen to it as often, but also enjoy it when I do. The two co-hosts are currently in college in Georgia. They are both also Youtubers, so most of their episodes revolve around those two topics.
The Health Code 
My holistic queen, Sarah, from the youtube channel Sarahs Day, has an entertaining podcast with her boyfriend, Kurt. They talk about all things, life, fitness, and motivation. This is one of my favorites to listen to while running because I always feel inspired to push myself harder.
Healthier Together
This is my go-to podcast for all things health. Liz Moody (the host) interviews all different people in the health and fitness world. She also recently came out with a cookbook, which I just ordered. I love her positive attitude. I always walk away from her episodes with a little sprinkle of self-love.
I have so many more podcasts I enjoy. I will have another post with a few more I like later on. These are more of my go-to upbeat collection of episodes. I hope you enjoy it!

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