Healthy Fudge: Quarantine 9

Cane sugar is not good for you. We all know it, and yet we are all addicts to the sugar cravings. I am not saying I don’t eat sugar, but I did make some bomb (that means good) fudge that is sugar-free! It is cane sugar-free to be specific, you can add honey or maple syrup to it, which does have sugar.

100% Dark Chocolate
Cashew butter

Maple syrup/honey
Sea salt

To make the fudge, first, line a tin with parchment paper. Then melt your choco bar into a glass bowl. Then add in the cashew butter (or any of the optional ingredients you want) Finally, pour the mixture onto the parchment paper and let freeze.
Unfortunately, there is no real recipe for this. I am sure if you look, you can find one. I like to make it by taste. I start by adding the choco bar, then some cashew butter, and then taste it until I like the taste and consistency.



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