Banana Bread: Quarantine 6

We have all been baking up a storm during this quarantine. I want to claim the name of “Quarantine Baking Queen,” and honestly, I think I deserve it. Our house has been filled with goodies all month. Some I have given to friends and others I have given away. This recipe is one of the best goodies I have yet made.

I found this recipe from my boyfriend’s mom. She makes this banana bread often, her’s is fantastic, but it lacked chocolate. I am a chocolate fanatic, and honestly, banana bread is not complete without some quality dark chocolate. The recipe link following is the recipe she uses, and the recipes I altered to make my banana bread.

My Tips and Changes

  1. I make buttermilk at home by adding 1tbp spoon of vinegar to 1 cup of milk 
  2. I use ½ cup of grind walnuts and 1 cup of whole walnuts. As well as ½ cup of ground pecans
  3. I added in 1ish cups (maybe more) of dark semisweet chocolate from trader joes.

I made one loaf with the chocolate and then the other with only nuts. 

In my house, we can’t eat the whole two loaves of banana bread. I cut it into four different loaves and froze 3 of them. They can last in the freezer for about 2ish months. Enjoy!


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  1. KimB
    May 13, 2020 / 11:12 pm

    It’s so yummy with the chocolate chips!

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