Bleach Dye: Quarantine 4

This trend has been everywhere. I mean everywhere, especially during the quarantine. All the Tik Tok girls are rocking it, and all the YouTubers are doing videos. The best part about this activity is it gave me a 75$ jacket for 10$, and the time it took to make.

I have lots of experience dying from my years at nature camp. At camp, we would tye-dye shirts every year. We did designs from spirals to hearts. So I did know what I was getting myself into, dying with bleach is a little different because you don’t have to consider color.

I started by putting rubber bands around the sweats and sweatshirt (both of these are out of stock but off of amazon.) I tied one in a bull’s eye style, the other in a crinkle style. You can see how I did both of these with videos on my youtube channel.

After the rubber bands were on, I dyed it with part bleach part water. I used an old water bottle and squirted the dye into the fabric. (when working with bleach make sure to wear old clothes)

I then let the bleached clothes dry for a few hours. Then cut the rubber bands off and laid the clothes out. I added some more bleach to parts of the jacket that were looking barren.

Finally, I washed my items cold and then dried them in the dryer. Just like that, they are ready to wear!


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