Mustard Flowers

In Santa Barbara, when “winter” turns to sping the mountain rages, fill with mustard flowers. These weeds are our first hint of the new season. If you ever visit Santa Barbara and get to take a look at our mountains, all it takes to find these flowers is driving up a road.

This outfit is old. I purchased it for my trip to New York City last summer. It was perfect for the humid weather that plagues New York. For the past year, I have been pretty absent on my blog (life has been busy.) I love overalls. I have them in 3 other colors. HAHAHA. I just paired it with a simple white shirt #monocrhome vibes. In my hair, I used a simple bandana, to add a little blue, the bandana helps my boots pop. These are light blue, Dr. Martens. Dr. Martens were very popular when my parents were in school. They, like most other clothing trends, have made their way back to style. I have them in black, but only wear the black pair to work. These blue ones, in my opinion, fit my style more, so I feel more inclined to wear them on an everyday basis. A good fashion tip is to when you find an article of clothing you like, get it in a few different colors.

Recently I have been making inspiration boards for my photos. At the end of the post (after the pictures that we got from this shoot) is the board I made in Indesign before taking these photos. Below are the final pictures, as well as how I put the final images into Indesign.



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