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TLDR: Overall I love the idea behind Everlane’s brand, and some of their clothes are super cute. They are definitely more sophisticated than I like. While they do uphold a great work environment, there is a lack of communication about what they are doing for our planet. 

I first found out about this brand while on a trip to New York City. In Chelsea Market there is an open area for a pop-up shop,  different brands show up every few days. The day I was there it happened to be EVERLANE!! This is such a cool brand, they are one of the main clothing companies pioneering the clean production movement ( In addition to Patagonia, of course). 

Their ethics are at the core of their efforts, they spend months finding the best factories, many of which are the same factories that produce designer labels. All the factories are required to uphold fair wages, reasonable hours and a healthy environment.  

I searched their website for information about their eco-footprint, but it was hard to find – which definitely knocks them down some steps. Most of their clothes are made with biodegradable materials like leather, wool, cashmere, cottonand silk, so that’s a plus, but these do use a lot of energy to produce. Overall I would say the main thing they are doing to help the environment is their take on the clothes they design: clothes that are not made to be disposable. “We’re not big on trends” claims Everlane. If you take a look at their clothes, you’ll see this is definitely true. They stick to many nude tones and timeless styles. They make items that you will keep in your closet for eternity. 

While they are most definitely doing their part to practice ethical production, their philosophy of “whole transparency” is lacking. I looked through their website for about 45 minutes and could not find anything on their fabric or production. 

Now, onto clothing. I picked 3 items, all linked below. Together they make a full outfit. First, I got the 100% human T-Shirt, I love this shirt.  It is a basic plain white pocket tee with this logo on it. I kept the shirt and I’m excited to style it with some jeans (because its a basic, white t-shirt.) Next, I got the khaki pants.  Based on the reviews, I sized down.  They fit nicely around the waist but looked weird around the legs and butt. The sweatshirt is a basic crew neck sweatshirt, but it has a cinched waist making it fit weird on the hips. I had to return both the pants and sweatshirt. They are just not my style. To see these items on, you can check my youtube channel. I did not take photos in them before returning them, unfortunately. 



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