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Hi guys! Long time no see, am I right? Yes, summer is supposed to be the time when I post because I have hours of free time on my hands. But here we are at the end of the summer and it is my first post. OOPS! It is also my first day home since June sooooo you can’t really blame me. I have been BUSY!!

The month of July I was in New York City taking a course at Parsons. (I will do a post on this and what I learned later) Towards the end of my time there I took a stop at the main Glossier flag ship store and picked up a few products.

Glossier, the brand was started by the blogger mama of Into The Gloss. Her mission was to listen to what her readers were saying about the faults of makeup products and create a product for the consumer.

I love her makeup because if you know me, then you know I NEVER wear makeup. Her makeup is very natural and is just for a little touch up here and there. So with that in mind here are the products I got and what I think about them.

If you want to see me trying them on you can watch that in this video.


I went to Glossier for this product. It does not disappoint. I love sparkles and this has the perfect amount. I would wear it everyday if it didn't make me feel like I am dressing up to much. Read More

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Lip Gloss

I swear I actually wear this everyday. In basically every photo I have ever taken this is the lip gloss I am wearing. It is defiantly more childish but I still love it. Read More

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Lightweight Coverage

This product is true to name. It is lightweight Coverage. Basically it fells just like putting on tinted sunscreen, except it doesn't protect from the sun. Read More

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Face Highlighter

I love the idea of the product, but I actually have no idea how to use highlighter. So I probably should not have bought it. Read More

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Vinylic Lip

Using the lip stick is a little more makeup than I like to wear. This is a good product if you want it to be obvious that you are dressing up. If not then LEAVE it at home. Read More

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