The Planner You Need

I am a neat freak, or so I like to think. Finding a planner is kind of like finding the perfect shoe at Nordstroms rack. I found this planner on instagram from my favorite Instagrammer, (Jaci Marie) It is defiantly one of the best purchase I have made. This one is one of the most fun, it is full of stickers as well as drawings to make being organized an adventure. If you haven’t used a planner before, this is the one to start with.

Using a planner improves everyday life by bringing down stress. It also helps with not forgetting to do things. In my planner I write down basically everything I plan on doing for the day.

How I use my planner

(to start off with I draw an invisible line down the middle of my pages)

  1. On the left I write down everything I need to finish that day. (Homework, Blog working, SAT studies)
  2. On the right side I put appointments or things I need to go to during the day. (Tutoring sessions, Work, Plans to hangout)
  3. For days when I am gone, I draw arrows with where I am going above arrow
  4. Lastly for special occasions I use the stickers in the front of the book to decorate my pages.

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