A Lazy Day

Lazy days at home with no priorities can be the best. Who doesn’t love sitting on the couch all day and binge watching a whole season of Friends (my current binge)? OMG, what a dream.

I got a puppy last Saturday and she is the cutest thing ever! We named her Olive and she is a mini labradoodle. My mom is allergic to dogs so this is the first dog we have ever gotten. I will share a blog post with more details down the road.

I have collected a few products over the years that have definitely increased my enjoyment on a rainy day. Since its currently raining in Santa Barara, let me introduce you to some great lazy day products.

First and for most is a cozy robe. I got this new one for Christmas from my mom. I had my eyes on it for a long time and continually sent her links for it until it showed up under the tree on Christmas morning. I love it because its pink and the inside is furry.

It is crucial to have a good book. Here are some of my favorite books, and look out for the books I want to read during 2019!

Fuzzy socks are perfect for keeping the feet warm, as well as sliding around the house.

This is my favorite speaker, and I love to listen to good music on a slow morning while baking. 



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