How to Sustain a New Year’s Resolution

We are now four days into the New Year. This is when the people who aren’t going to fulfill their new resolutions start to fall off the wagon. But no need to fear, here I have tips for you to stay motivated and to achieve your goals.

  1. To start off, the theory of a resolution goes along with not being able to break it. As an example, most people look at a resolution as breaking it means you failed. Like for me, I want to drink two bottles of water a day and yesterday I only drank one bottle. Now since I broke it for one day I would want to give up and not continue. The best way to achieve your resolution is to look at your mess ups or failures not as the end, but like any other day. If you look at it this way, then the next day gets to be a fresh start.
  2. Another thing I heard that may be helpful to keep your resolutions is to call them intentions instead. This will make it so that in the long run, your goal will be more achievable and your failures will not be a failure but like the tip above, a step to success.
  3. A great way to keep yourself accountable is by keeping a journal. Go out and invest in what you want, buy a fun journal and some cute pens. Keep track of your progress in the journal, as well as checking off the times you did achieve your goal daily. This will keep you more motivated to continue with your goal.
  4. A good thing that keeps me motivated it having items that I think are fun and colorful that go along with what you’re doing. While this also costs money, it is important to help yourself achieve your goals. If you’re trying to go to the gym, invest in a fun pair of workout clothes so that you’re motivated to wear them.
  5. Bring your goals into your daily routine. If they are part of your daily routine, your day will start to feel off if you don’t work towards your goal.

Good luck with your resolutions (intentions)! I will keep you updated on mine every few months; maybe it will also motivate you.



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