My New Year’s Resolutions

With the new year is supposed to come new opportunities and a chance to have a fresh start. It is also a time when people all over the world set new goals or resolutions they want to uphold that year. I have thought long about the resolutions I want to uphold. I didn’t want to pick things that I thought I wouldn’t be able to do, but instead, pick some resolutions that are achievable.

My first resolution is to work out 5 days a week 

Fitness resolutions are some of the most common resolutions made. The new year gives everyone time to try and make themselves healthier. I have been going to the gym about 3-5 days a week for the last month, so I don’t think it will be that hard to get to 5 days a week.

I want to be more committed to being paleo. 

I have already tried to be paleo for the past couple of months but I do take a lot of cheats. It’sbeen hard to maintain because it is hard while cooking with my family. I am going to in the new year try and be better at maintaining being paleo.

Write each day what I’m thankful for.

I read an article around Thanksgiving that said if you write down each day something you’re thankful for it will increase your mental health. I’m going to try and write down something every day.

I am going to try and post on my blog 3 times a week.

I want to try and post more actively on my blog. I’m going to start with 3 days a week, but hopefully, I will be able to move it to 5 days a week.

Drink Two bottles of water a day.

         Everyone tells me I don’t drink enough water.  Starting on January 1, I’m going to try and drink two of my large hydro flasks full of water each day.

Lastly, I want to learn how to write in calligraphy.

My mom and I have recently bought books handwriting books and now I’ve been inspired. By this time next year, I hope to be writing in my journal in calligraphy,

I hope everyone has a great 2019 and is able to achieve their new year goals.




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