10 Activities to do over the holidays

The winter holidays are one of my favorite times of the year. While the holidays are filled with fun and joy, they can also be stressful for some people. I know in my family it is amazing that we all get to be together but it is also a constant struggle to keep everyone entertained. If I had a dollar for everytime my mom told us to turn off the TV or play with our cousins over winter break, I could buy that Gucci handbag I want.

Here are 10 activities that both adults and children will love doing, these can be used to keep everyone interested and happy over the break. I know for a fact we will be doing these this year when we go to visit my grandma for Christmas.

  1. Decorating Sugar Cookies: The first activities which are perfect for the holidays are, baking cookies!! If you want Santa to come down your chimney, you have to leave cookies, and it can take a long time to decorate the cookies (which is good when you have hours to kill.) So, heat up the oven, turn on some Christmas jams and get ready to make Santa come cookies! @HalfBakedHarvest has some of my favorite cookie recipes.
  2. Making a Ginger Bread House: This is basically just like the sugar cookies, except it can either be easier or harder. If you get a store-bought gingerbread house that means less work for the parents, or you can challenge yourself and try and do it from scratch. Good luck!
  3. Ice Skating: Have a go at this tricky sport.  Make sure to get all bundled up first. Pro tip: If the skating rink you go outside brings gloves, so if you fall your hands don’t hurt so bad.
  4. Make Hot Cocoa from Scratch: Now, I’m sure most people have tried the hot cocoa that you get from those packets and you mix with hot water. But I am going to challenge you. Try and make hot cocoa from home! Then, you can drink it by the fire or when watching a great holiday movie.
  5. Decorate the Christmas Tree: Now I know this is a basic one, and if you have a Christmas tree, your family probably does this already. Try this year to make your own decorations. Look up DIY ones and pick one that goes well with your aesthetic.
  6. Play in the Snow: If you live in the snow, then you’re already a pro at this. But, if you don’t, take a little 3 day trip to the snow. Three days is all you need to fall in love with the snow, but not get too fed up with the cold.
  7. Play Board Games: Everyone loves board games, they are a perfect way for tons of people to have lots of laughs. My favorites are Clue, What do you MEME, and Cards and Against Humanity.
  8. Set up a Puzzle Table: A puzzle is a great activity but people can get bored with them quickly. An easy way to get around this is to get a piece of wood and do the puzzle on that and then move the wood out of the way when you want to take a break.
  9. Make Fun Wrapping Decorations. Wrapping can be simple, or it can be fun! Take the time to make the wrapping of your present look like a work of art. This will make people appreciate your gift more!
  10. Watch a Holiday Movies! I’m sure you’re all pros at that. Look for an upcoming blog post to my find out my favorites.



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