A Holiday Wish List

Before I start, I want to say that I know that the holidays are not about gifts. They are about spending time with your family. This is a wish list for you to get ideas of what to give your loved ones. This is not my wishlist, but I do love every item.

When in doubt, good gifts to give:

  1. Gift cards!!! just find out what brand they love –  if you need help some I love are: Nordstroms, Anthropologie, Free People
  2. Donate to a nonprofit in the name of your person. A great way to give back during the holidays.
  3. # You can always go with $$ Most people have something they are saving for ie: clothes for my blog, college, food (LOL)

Planner,($19) I think this is so cute, and it matches my room…. kinda

Pencil Holder ($38.40)This is super cute for your desk and keeping organized.

TriPod I have been looking for a tripod to use while taking photos. From the reviews, this seemed like a good one.

UV eyeglasses $(68)Super cute eye protecting glasses. These are great for avid computer uses or bloggers.

UV eyeglasses ($75) These are so cute! I have always wanted to wear glasses and these are a perfect solution! computer protecting glasses. I like the purple ones linked above more but these are still super cute.

Black or White Doc Martins # ($125) I Just ordered these in black, but I messed up and ordered a men’s 9. I’m so sad!!!  I just sent them back to exchange. Lots of people have these in black so I think the white is also super cute!

Malta Dress,($149) I tried this on in green and loved it! I wished I had bought it. But its also super cute in yellow. Here it is in green ($99) and I think it’s on sale!! (I might order it… hehe.)

AirPods ($159) If you go to the gym often these are great for getting your groove on.

Zelda Dress,($230) AHHHH

Wireless Beat Headphones($299) This is just a different style headphone from the airpods if you’re looking for something different.

Pretty Bee Studs ($300) These are darling. If you have the money or want to splurge these are good –  but to me, they’re not worth the price.


Reversible Gucci Belt  ($550) I have had my eyes on this belt for a long time. It’s very classy, and perfect for most outfits. It’s also a lifelong belt.

GG Marmont Matelassé Mini Bag ($980) This is the perfect everything bag. I don’t own any purses but if I were to get a designer one, this or a style similar to this would definitely be the first thing I purchase. I love it from zipper to over the shoulder strap. The only part I don’t like is the logo on the back. I think its the perfect size for everyday outings and it goes well with every outfit.  Too bad it costs more money than I have in my bank account.

Classic Black Chanel Hand Bag(in my dreams) ($4,000) This is a great designer handbag. When I get older and have the $ this will probably be the first bag I try and purchase. If you’re looking to get your girl a special thing and you have the money I think this is a safe choice. I also love this bag because I have the matching wallet. (My grandma gave it to me.)



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